Python-Ogre build misery I

Oh god, their linux build scripts suck. And the linux installation user guide in the wiki as well. It’s completely useless, because they expect you to download all required libraries and build them – without thinking about the very likely possibility that you already have a lot of those libraries on your system. Let’s cite another frustrated user

i gave up, useless guide.

Why is it so complicated to use an established build system like scons to automate the search for required libraries? No, the python-ogre guys hacked together their own little build system which is lacking the basic ability to recognize that a user has his ogre installation in /usr/local/lib instead of /usr/lib. Oh and if you answer now „ok, then i change it by hand in the build script“ then you will learn that they enforced the use of either /usr/local or /usr for all library access because they derive every f*cking library search path from a single base path. Thanks!

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