Reconstructing Ecstatica’s Level Geometry MK2

Amazing! As it turned out, what I expected to be the navigation- and collision mesh is actually almost the complete level geometry including walls, stairs, windows, etc. What’s missing is triangle-based geometry like roofs and windows as well as all the static ellipse-based models (flowers, grass, etc.). Nontheless this are great news, because the whole game world can now be explored and looked at in 3D!

Extracted Level Geometry from Ecstatica

Extracted Level Geometry from Ecstatica

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  1. Jenna sagt:

    Hi, I’m interested in the extracted level geometry. I’m preparing to start a pet project to recreate Ecstatica in a more modern engine, and I was going to do a play through to try to remodel everything from scratch. Having the extracted level geometry would make it easier, but I don’t intend on doing a direct drop in with it, just using it as a basis for how to lay out the town.

  2. EyeGem sagt:

    Hi, you’ve done amazing work on reconstruction!
    I invite you to look at and the rest of this blog ( it is in russian, but with pictures 🙂 )

    We’ve been working on reconstruction of E1/E2 maps too.
    Both E1 and E2 maps were extracted into MineCraft maps.
    Also special viewer were coded in C++ to dynamically fly thru 3D map.

    Currently I’m working on voxelization of Ecstatca II castle in my spare time.

    I also planned to decode actors/actions format a bit later, but as I see you’ve already decoded it, at least partially.

  3. Chiko sagt:

    Amazing job… I never imagined someone would try to reverse engineer this game. It’s been one of my favorites for ages and finding out there are people working to reveal its secrets is the most awesome thing I’ve seen.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Estranged2 sagt:

    Do you think that your reverse engineering can result in a version that is higher resolution? Theoretically, the game can be rendered real time with a moveable camera I guess, but this would be too much work, and there probably are a lot of unknowns that could make it look worse. However higher resolution with the static backgrounds, especially for Esctatica 1, would be awesome treatment.

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