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I have found out this week, that Ecstatica FANT files are actually stacks of FANT files. For example in „estatic.“, there are actually present around 2000 FANT files. The file „offsets.“ includes offsets into the file which are used to access the large file at the correct offset. In „ecstatic.“ the single FANT files often contain only a single sound or a single list of scene events.

So I had to expand my code in order to handle the lists of FANT files and it does now. The XML export- and import seems to work now also for the case of multiple FANT „objects“ within one file.

I never had tested my XML export/import code with sounds yet. A problem arised: Originally I inteded to include the binary wave data for each sound in a CDATA section within the XML file. But it turned out that this is not possible, because XML forbids certain characters even within CDATA sections. So what I do now is I export the wave data into separate binary data files and include a reference into the XML data. That way I was now able to completely read in „ecstatic.“, export it to XML, reimport it from XML and export it to FANT file format again. The resulting FANT file (correctly: stack of FANT files) is binary equivalent to the original „ecstatic.“ file.

Procedural Graphics

Today I was travelling across a number of sites about procedural terrain generation and procedural graphics in general.

Here are my links:

Other Stuff

I stumbled across this amazing flash animation visualizing on what different scales things in our universe exist. Take a look at the main site also, because there’s a lot of other original flash stuff avaible.

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