Update on Reasearch on Ecstatica

Things move slowly forward. This weekend I have continued to implement some Python routines to

  • load an Ecstatica FANT file
  • write an Ecstatica FANT file
  • write a XML representation of the FANT file
  • read a XML representation of the FANT file

Those 4 building blocks are in an early stage right now. At the moment I have verified that I can load a FANT file and write it back without introducing any relevant differences. I’m still having some precision issues with converting the fixed-point numbers to floats and back.

Using these tools I will be able to modify the game data files and see, what happens. I’m thinking about giving the main character green hair or something like that 😀

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  1. Ats sagt:

    Hi! Today I suddenly had the envy to play my old Ecstatica CD. I was about to download dosbox when I thought to myself that it was possible that someone was working on the disassembling of this game. That’s how I stumbled on you website some minutes after. I worked on porting Tom Morton’s openGL Frontier Elite 2’s remake to the PSP some years ago so I know it is quite hard to do but also very interesting. I will follow your work closely and I wish you the best for this project! Sincerely.

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