Ecstatica copy-protection mechanism (exit after intro)

Just for fun I googled for „Ecstatica no-cd patch“ some weeks ago and found: nothing. You could readily assume that there’s no need, that Ecstatica does not include a protection mechanism. Nothing could be farer away from the truth. You can witness the copy protection mechanism if you simply copy the ecstatica data files from your ecstatica CD onto disk and start it from there. The program will terminate suddenly after the intro. Googling for „ecstatica exit after intro“ does not bring up a solution nor even a explanation for the strange behaviour. It is obviously no crash, because it equally happend in

  • qemu
  • dosbox
  • dosemu
  • bochs

and there never is any error message visible. Well I now found out that there’s actually a protection mechanism at work here. Try this: Start Ecstatica in dosemu from (original) CD  and the program won’t terminate after the intro!

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  1. There is clearly a bunch to identify about this. I assume you made some nice points in features also.

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