Ecstatica Files

Ecstatica provides a lot of discrete files, for which the purpose can be esteemed based on their path and filename. I consider it much more difficult to examine a program having a monolithic data file containing all sorts of file types in some unknown compressed form, packed together.

For example, all scene graphics seem to be present as individual .raw-Files, sitting in sub folders

  • views
  • graphics

Amazingly, the dialogues or at least the dialogue translations are represented using simple plain text files. An excerpt from the German version


„Hey! Ihr dürft das heilige Relikt nicht berühren!“

„Dieses Sakrileg muß bestraft werden!!“
„Ugh! Großer Gott!“
„Aaaaagh… Amen …“

You can use dosbox as a disassembler (read here about it). Though I didn’t manage to use that feature yet, I was delighted to see, that dosbox is also logging simple DOS API calls, like „open file“. That way, I was able to examine which files Ecstatica is accessing during game startup.

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