Remaking Ecstatica

This morning, while I woke up, I glanced at one of the CD-ROMS in my shelf. It was ECSTATICA, published some year in the 90s in the neon edition. There’s a nice article about the game and it’s successor on the brilliant hardcore gaming site.

3 year ago I spent some months working on a Little Big Adventure 1 Remake, using yazor’s C code, which he afaik derived directly from disassembling the LBA binary. Btw. there is still the great Little Big Adventure Community Magicball Network, I was active at back then. Well, this morning I felt the urge to make another try to create an open-source remake of a game. For example, there’s an open source remake of Alone in the Dark by yazor (yah, it’s the genius again :)) you can use to play the games if you provide the original game data. I want to do exactly the same for ECSTATICA.

So this is the first article in a hopefully long series of articles covering my attempt to recreate ECSTATICA.

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  1. Guest sagt:

    This is not the first time I search for a map editor of ecstatica but never found one. At least this time I found someone working on it or at least working to make the game an open source. There must be many people interested on creating worlds of ecstatica if they only have a map editor for walls, grownds, characters, etc.

  2. Ákos sagt:

    I am also in the middle of recreating Ecstatica game engine.
    Check this:

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