Remaking Ecstatica

This morning, while I woke up, I glanced at one of the CD-ROMS in my shelf. It was ECSTATICA, published some year in the 90s in the neon edition. There’s a nice article about the game and it’s successor on the brilliant hardcore gaming site.

3 year ago I spent some months working on a Little Big Adventure 1 Remake, using yazor’s C code, which he afaik derived directly from disassembling the LBA binary. Btw. there is still the great Little Big Adventure Community Magicball Network, I was active at back then. Well, this morning I felt the urge to make another try to create an open-source remake of a game. For example, there’s an open source remake of Alone in the Dark by yazor (yah, it’s the genius again :)) you can use to play the games if you provide the original game data. I want to do exactly the same for ECSTATICA.

So this is the first article in a hopefully long series of articles covering my attempt to recreate ECSTATICA.